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Communication technologies have compressed time and space, turning our world into a virtual global village. As part of the emerging global generation, Ink Link seeks to provide a platform for young voices.

Often the literature we are exposed to is saturated with 'dominant' themes and ideologies. Writers subconsciously conform to writing norms they have been exposed to; a lack of exposure has narrowed their perspective and thus perpetuates the 'single story'.

Ink Link strives to challenge the single story: the overly simplistic and sometimes false representations that influence our perception of individuals, groups, or countries. By providing perspectives from around the world we hope to diversify the minds of readers and indeed global citizens. Harnessing the connective powers of literature, Ink Link endeavours to bridge the barriers of geography, connect young voices and foster intercultural dialogue.


From the Founder

Growing up in Papua New Guinea - the most linguistically diverse nation in the world - has highlighted to me the importance of language and its connective power. Despite the innumerable number of tribes, where difference may be the only commonality, there seems to be unity in this diversity. This unity stems from the belief that everyone has a unique and valuable perspective to offer that is invaluable in cultivating a greater shared perspective.

Ink Link has allowed me to empower young voices. It provides me with a platform to represent my heritage and allow others to share theirs. By fostering intercultural dialogue I hope to promote the pluralist ethic. This enables us to broaden our own perspectives and supress the single story.

Aly Sultan